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About Us

Our corporation (whose original name is Huai’an Blue Dragonfly Company Ltd. ) 

is specialized in developing and producing series of pet strollers, pet bags, 

pet playpens, and other outdoor and sports products. Covering 25000 square meters, 

our corporation is capable of producing 50,0000 pieces annually. 

We have attracted many professional researchers, designers, and producers, 

who can apply advanced technology to production. Based upon our sincere service

 and the business purpose “Customers come first”, we could guarantee that our

 products are competitive and of high quality. Clients all over the world are

 warmly welcomed by Guping, Chen, the chief manager, together with each member 

of our corporation; we accept orders and cooperation at any time.


Small pets spawned

Small pets spawned "big market" pet products sold abroad

Huzhou entry exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau to help pet supplies export enterprises within the jurisdiction...

Three requirements for keeping pets

Three requirements for keeping pets

As the most popular member of modern family life, pets have been widely sought after. In the process of getting along with pets...

Provide pet cart, dog paradise, Chengdu many shopping malls for pets release

Provide pet cart, dog paradise, Chengdu many shopping malls for pets release

Rules that prohibit pets from entering the mall are slowly changing. Recently, the cover journalist visited a number of shopping malls in Chengdu...

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